PrayerToken is an ERC23 Ethereum Token.  But it’s also much more than that.  PrayerToken is a digitized prayer; every PrayerToken is backed by a real prayer.

What is the purpose of PrayerToken?

You can purchase a PrayerToken if you need me to pray for you.  Every PrayerToken is backed by a real prayer.  I will make it as personal as you want.

You could also purchase a PrayerToken for someone else.  Include a personal message with your PrayerToken purchase and the prayer will be directed toward anyone in the universe, you just let me know who.

PrayerTokens are also reusable!  Send your PrayerToken to someone else and back it with your own prayer.  Now the PrayerToken is twice as powerful.

PrayerToken is a digital representation of my prayer for you that has been transmitted to The Great Magnet.  I don’t know if prayer works, but if it does, then you’re getting much more value out of a PrayerToken than almost every other token in existence.

This is not a joke, scam, or grift.  I will pray for you as honestly and sincerely as possible.  Most other tokens on the market just want your money – I want to save your soul!