Buying a PrayerToken is easy.

Step 1:

Create a wallet on MyEtherWallet and acquire some ETH.

Send at least .025 ETH to 0x445bC49cC837aaF57fB7Fba4bB18dcA2344b98d7

Step 2:

Fill out this form:

Step 3:

Add PrayerToken to your custom tokens in MyEtherWallet

Address: 0x442c8ec17dbe9d80de586ce887b2cfdcda778a4b
Symbol: PRAYR
Decimals: 18

You will receive 1 PRAYR for every .025 ETH you send.  You may buy as many PrayerTokens as you want.  There are a total of 1,000,000 in supply.

Please allow 24-48 hours for your prayer to be broadcasted.  Your PrayerToken will be sent manually during the broadcast.