What, exactly, is a Prayer Token?

$PRAYR is not an ICO.  You shouldn’t buy $PRAYR if you expect to sell it at a later date for profit.  $PRAYR is not a currency and $PRAYR is not money.  Don’t try to make money by buying $PRAYR because it won’t work.

$PRAYR is a token which represents the actual prayer I’ve spoken into existence.  I transfer the token to you at the first moment I’m praying.  It’s a physical representation of a prayer.

The purpose of $PRAYR is to raise funds for The Church of The Simulation.

After The Church has been sufficiently established so that it’s my full time job, I pledge to destroy 95% of the $PRAYR tokens in the church coffers.  At that point, $PRAYR will be a rare crypto collector’s item.